Jelqing For Length

Grow Your Dick in Two Weeks

Jelqing For LengthHow does jelqing help to increase the length of your penis? By increasing blood flow. Do not make the mistake of thinking that this exercise is an instant solution. You must jelq somewhat regularly to achieve results.

The Basics

Before you start your regimen, you need to understand the basics. The last thing that you want to do is cause permanent damage to your penis. When performing the exercises, your penis should be in a semi erect state. If at any time you begin to experience discomfort, stop jelqing.

Lubrication is suggested, especially for the beginner. Baby oil, Vaseline or lotion works well. Do not use soap or a similarly slippery substance. Avoid sexual lubricants that are designed to provide stimulation.

The Techniques

There are two methods of jelqing that are proven effective. Each works equally well, but you may find one to be more comfortable than the other.

1. O Grasp – Make an O at the base of your penis with your strong hand. You make an O with your index finger and thumb.

2. Pincher Grasp – Use your strong hand. Place your index finger over the top of your penis, and place your thumb around the base of your penis.

For the most effective exercise, you will alternate hands. You may want to practice placing your weak hand in the proper position before you begin the movement.

3. Jelqing Action – When you have placed your strong hand in the correct position, stroke to the glans. Alternate hands so that your penis is consistently being stimulated. As soon as one hand reaches the glans, start the stroke with the opposite hand.


It takes time and dedication for the jelqing exercise to make a difference in the length of your penis. Keep in mind that you should not exercise to the point of ejaculation. Your tolerance will build with repeated sessions.

Week One – Up to 300 strokes per day.

Week Two – Up to 500 strokes per day.

Week Three – No less than 500 strokes per day.

The strength of your stroke is up to you. Again, the goal is not ejaculation, nor is the goal to feel any type of discomfort. If you experience any amount of pain, discontinue the exercise immediately.

The time of day at which the exercise is performed makes no difference. Jelqing can be performed alone or with a partner. With regular practice, your penis will grow up to one inch in length within two to three weeks.