5 Effective Ways To Increase Your Stamina In Bed

Grow Your Dick in Two Weeks

Increase Stamina in BedPerforming in the bedroom can no doubt be an awkward and uncomfortable topic to men around the world. Sexual stamina is one of the most important factors that is used to validate yourself as a man, and underperforming can easily shatter confidence and make for a dull and predictable love life. Fortunately for men, there are a number of methods that can be utilized to stop making mistakes in the bedroom and brings out the confidence you need in order to deliver. Listed below, you can find five of the most effective tactics used by men to increase your stamina and turn your love life around.

Free your mind: Holding on to every thought that crosses your mind is a recipe for disaster if you’re looking to achieve your goal and eliminate stress. When it comes to sex, it’s very common for men to overthink and attempt to use the mind to help them last longer. Not only is this completely ineffective, but it will create additional anxiety in the bedroom, cause you to underperform, and will most likely make for an unenjoyable experience. Although you cannot “control” your thoughts, you can however learn to let them go. Practicing simple breathing exercises or light meditation is the perfect antidote to freeing your mind and getting back to performing well in the bedroom.

Masturbate more: This subject is easily overlooked due to the busy, demanding lives that a lot of men have. The truth is, masturbating more frequently can help you build the tolerance that is essential to lasting longer. If you are yearning for an increased level of stamina and confidence in the bedroom, take 10 minutes out of your day and practice control while masturbating. If you feel yourself getting close to an orgasm, stop for a minute and allow yourself to cool down, then repeat. This method is extremely valuable if you have experiences with premature ejaculation. Masturbation is not only natural and healthy, but it is a proven method to reaching your goal of increasing the stamina that you desire.

Boost your stamina in bedForeplay: As a man, making a woman orgasm through intercourse is the ultimate thrill and ego booster. Having said that, being unable to bring pleasure to your partner can be detrimental to the confidence that is crucial in helping you perform. The reality is that women are highly unlikely to reach orgasm just with intercourse alone; their bodies function much differently and require a slower approach in the bedroom. To combat this potential obstacle, get in the habit of engaging in foreplay before having intersourse. Kissing that slowly turns into oral sex is a successful method used to jump-starting your woman’s libido and increasing your chances of helping her achieve orgasm. Not only will foreplay bring more pleasure to your partner, but it will also allow you to last longer during intercourse.

Pull out: This is an excellent tactic to practice if you’re in the middle of intercourse and you begin to feel the heightened pleasure that takes place before an orgasm. Timing is crucial for this method and it may take a little practice to master. To last longer during sex, pull out before you orgasm and allow your penis a minute to “calm down”, then continue. This is a great tactic because by lasting longer during sex, you have more time to devote to your partner which drastically increases their chances of reaching orgasm. After a few tries and getting your significant other on board, you will begin to see the difference and it will ultimately promote a higher level of pleasure in the bedroom.

Use thicker protection: Often times, men will grab the ultra-thin condoms off the shelf out of pure habit. If you find yourself doing this, try something new and make the switch to a thicker condom. This will inevitably allow you to take charge and control yourself while you’re having sex. In reality, most women claim that they cannot tell the difference between a man with a condom and a man without. The key to using condoms is to utilize water-based lubricants (oil-based lube tends to break down the material of the condom) while having intercourse as condoms can deplete the natural lubricants that the body creates.


If you’re interested in achieving a higher level of satisfaction and confidence in the bedroom, practice these simple methods and watch the changes ensue for yourself. Just like anything in life; practice makes perfect. After you commit yourself to following these proven steps, you will not only notice a difference in your performance but your partner will too.